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Restez 6 à 9 nuits - 2 nuits gratuites*

*Réduction de la nuitée sur le prix de la chambre (hors boissons et repas)
Valable pour un séjour avant le 20 mars 2016.

Restez 4 à 5 nuits - 1 nuit gratuite*

*Réduction de la nuitée sur le prix de la chambre (hors boissons et repas)
Valable pour un séjour avant le 20 mars 2016.

Restez 10 nuits et plus - 3 nuits gratuites*

*Réduction de la nuitée sur le prix de la chambre (hors boissons et repas)
Valable pour un séjour avant le 20 mars 2016.

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all-inclusive avec activités - yoga, Qi Gong, méditation, randonnées, marche nordique ...

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Come and practice daily kundalini yoga and meditation, learn about Ayurveda and how simple kitchen spices can turn to healing herbs, all in the gorgeous surroundings of La Clairiere, a beautiful, four star organic spa hotel nestled in the forests of the Alsace region of France.

Our KUNDALINI YOGA, AYURVEDA, MEDITATION RETREAT, will hold the space for transformational healing and deeper insight into your true being. We will practice refreshing and heart opening Kundalini Yoga each morning. Enjoy the depths of daily spiritual activities and meditation, using your body, sound and voice to enhance your experience.

Gain deeper insight into yourself with Ayurvedic wisdom.


La Clairière is surrounded by a lush, green forest and located in the “Parc Naturel (natural reserve) des Vosges du Nord” 2 kilometers from La Petite-Pierre, a picturesque village in Alsace. La Clairière is a wellness hotel that pampers its guests with holistic spa treatments and activities destined to improve their vitality in a unique, peaceful environment.

The essence of La Clairière is three-fold: Nature, Energy and Inspiration. La Clairière’s mission is to provide a venue in complete harmony with nature. This atmosphere gently enables guests to leave their daily routine and stress behind so that they may renew, boost and enhance their energy. It is an inspirational place that instills new, healthier living habits. See their website


Ayurveda is the ancient, timeless system of medicine which originated in India. It is accessible to everyone, wherever you are from. Ayurveda is a way of living more peacefully with yourself and your environment.

Ayurveda’s framework shows us how to live a more balanced life, how to nourish ourselves and live in harmony with nature, with simple practical tools which help to enhance mental clarity, balance your emotional state, creating a greater sense wellbeing.

Gain deeper insight into yourself and those around you. Take part in fascinating workshops, in an informal light environment, that will teach you how to apply healing principles and practices into your own life.

Discover your individual constitution and which foods, spices and lifestyle practices will be most healing for you and that can change your life, enhance your wellbeing and mental clarity.

Through Ayurveda rediscover your own inner wisdom, all in the gorgeously lush surroundings of La Clairière.


Kundalini yoga works quickly and powerfully to give you grace, balance and most of all, the ability to remain calm, centred and clear through life’s challenges.

‘The beauty of Kundalini Yoga is that in one Kriya you can achieve a complete physical, mental and spiritual balance’ Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga is for everyone. Every class includes:
•Breath work (Pranayama) that calms the mind and helps master all aspects of our life.
•A Kriya (exercise set) comprise of an exact, dynamic combination of postures (asana), breath and sound creating a complete system that balances body, mind and soul.
•A Meditation that brings awareness and helps clear negative patterns and connect with our higher consciousness.

Together they also help balance the glandular system and strengthen the nervous system so you can keep healthy and feel vibrant and alive.


Meditation aids in deep relaxation, mental clarity, self-awareness, and enhances health and longevity. Meditation is an extremely useful tool that can be utilised by absolutely everyone.

We will have the opportunity to dive into beautiful sound bath meditations, incredible heart felt, soul warming chanting, profound and thoughtful mindfulness walks. Deepen the connection with your true self and all that is around you. Find your stillness within, and feel renewed and refreshed.

By finding stillness within we allow tension and dis-ease to melt away, releasing fears, and anxiety, old patterns that no longer serve us, and facilitating a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.

Throughout the retreat we will use these three modalities to dive deeper into ourselves and gain practical tools which we can utilise in our own life to enhance our wellbeing and encourage a deeper connection into with the higher self.

Refresh your body, enliven your spirit and relax your mind!


The prices for this retreat are:

Price per person: £595 based on two people sharing, £695 for single occupancy, if booked before the 26th March 2016, thereafter, £695 based on two people sharing, £795 for single occupancy. A £150 deposit per person, will be required to hold your place for bookings prior to the 26th March, or you have the option to make the payment in full. The balance will need to be paid by 26th March if you are only paying a deposit.  For bookings made after the 26th March the balance should be paid in full.

Payment Options per person. Earlybird Shared occupancy (before 26th March) £595.00 GBPEarlybird Single occupancy (before 26th March) £695.00 GBPHolding deposit (available before 26th March) £150.00 GBPShared occupancy (after 26th March) £695.00 GBPSingle occupancy (after 26th March) £795.00 GBP

The price is inclusive of:
•All Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation workshops
•Free access to the spa, the spa opens out into the forest with an abundance of steam baths, saunas, a heated outdoor hydrotherapy pool and indoor swimming pool
•Organic buffet Breakfast and three course dinner, evening meal on the day of arrival and breakfast buffet on day of departure. The food is certified organic and savoury energy-boosting cuisine inventively and exclusively combined from organic products (vegetarian and vegan options).

You will have the opportunity to have various treatments throughout your stay, at an additional cost; these include Ayurvedic massage, Marma therapy, Reiki healing and Acupuncture (prices can be discussed with each practitioner).

The price does not include:
•Travel to France
•Transfer to the hotel
•Travel insurance

Please email us at if you have any questions.