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Activités gratuites en formule Vitalité ou Zen

Participation gratuite aux cours de Yoga/Pranayama, Qi Gong, initiation à la méditation, promenades actives en forêt tous les jours.

Supplément Programme Detox

Un programme de soins et d'activités personnalisés pour un séjour de purification - à partir de 3 nuits - 165 € par personne par nuit

Supplément Formule Zen

Pour 140€ par personne par nuit:
un petit-déjeuner buffet
un dîner bio 3 plats (hors boissons)
1 soin du corps relaxant de 60 minutes
la participation aux activités prévues (cours de Yoga, Qi Gong, méditation etc)

Supplément Formule Vitalité

Pour 50€ par personne par nuit:
un petit-déjeuner buffet
un dîner bio 3 plats (hors boissons)
la participation aux activités prévues (cours de Yoga, Qi Gong, méditation etc)


with Yogi Manmoyanand, author of 'Sivananda Burried Yoga'

Dates : 29.04.2016 to 5.05.2016

A comprehensive program to discover the benefits of Ayurveda and learn about Yogic Ethics.

In Sanskrit, the literal meaning of Ayurveda is “science of life”, but it is best described in English as the art of living. It is a system of holistic natural medicine, found in the Vedic texts of ancient India dating from 3500 BC. Ayurveda is essentially about living in a balanced way where the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life are all in harmony with one another.

Led by Yogi Manmoyanand, this program will give you some basic knowledge of Ayurveda that you can apply in your daily life in order to enhance your vitality and wellbeing. Some yogic principles will also be presented. 

Programm of the week

Organic Buffet Breakfast
11h00-12h30: Lecture
13h:  Organic Lunch
14h30-16h: Lecture
16h-19h: Free time for massage and treatments, spa, forest walks
19h: Organic dinner followed by lectures on certain evenings

Day 1 :  Saturday 30th of April
Lecture on “Ayurvedic Principles & Lifestyle“
Lecture on „How to determine one’s constitution“

Day 2 :  Sunday 1th of May
Lecture “Yogic Ethics: Yamas & Niyamas Part 1“
Lecture „Yogic Ethics: Yamas & Niyamas Part 2“

Day 3 :  Monday 2nd of May
Lecture “Dinacharya or daily Regimen in Ayurveda“
Lecture „Rutacharya or seasonal Regimen in Ayurveda“

Day 4 :  Tuesday 3nd of May
Lecture “Ayurvedic Cuisine, preparation of a seasonal meal“
Lecture „Introduction to Ayurvedic diet“

Day 5 :  Wednesday 4th of May
Lecture “Walk in the forest, looking for local herbs“
Lecture „Using of seasonal plants and spices“

Day 6 :  Thursday 5th of May
Lecture “Panchakarma as the bio cleansing technique which revitalizes the body and mind from impurities and enhance the state of health“
Lecture „How to integrate the gained knowledge in daily life


Price per DAY including lectures and organic lunch : 65 euros

Price for the FULL RETREAT including 6 days, 6 nights with organic breakfast, lunch and dinner, and spa entry : starting from 990 euros

About Yogi Manmoyanand

Yogi Manmoyanand is one of the few living teachers of the Saraswati lineage, which goes as far back as to the year 800 AD. For seven years, he lived and practised amongst a group of ascetics in the caves of the Himalayas. His knowledge on various yogic and Vedic scriptures were given to him by Yogi Angadanand Saraswati, who wanted him to become a teacher for students of the ashram, but also for students who lead a normal worldly life. Manmoyanand accepted this responsibility out of respect and obedience for his teacher and lineage.Yogis believe that the study of Ayurveda can not be done within the four walls of a classroom of a University or School of Ayurveda. It is a yogic practice (Sadhana) that is given to the authentic Yogis after many years of successful practice of Yoga. Yogis study Ayurveda by knowing and being the nature.Yogi Manmoyanand has been studying and practising Ayurvedic and natural healing for the last 25 years. Because of his expertise on the subject, for the last twelve years he gives lectures and seminars on the subject in various countries (India, Europe and America) to private people as well as to professionals.Yogi Manmoyanand doesn’t support unvarified and/or superstitious beliefs in the name of Ayurveda. He has both a traditional and scientific approach to the subject and uses no harmful chemicals for the treatments. As an expert in plants and herbal medicine, he believes in medicines and ingredients which are handpicked and prepared by himself for every treatment and therapy given. 


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