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Stay 6 to 9 nights and have 2 FREE

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For a stay before le 20 mars 2016.

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For a stay until 20 march 2016.

New : a week in the forest

all-inclusive with activities - yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, forest walks, nordic walking ...

Well-being advice

Ayurveda is a traditional medical system native to India, thousands of years old, described in the Vedic texts of ancient India. The texts advise us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature and describe an ideal daily routine for staying healthy.

Get up each day before sunrise. This is the best time for meditation and awakening the senses. If you are not an early riser, the period just before sunset is equally well-suited to practising meditation.

Tratak Meditation
Tratak is an exercise in concentration. While seated in an upright position, stare at a candle flame without blinking. When your eyes begin to water, close them and focus your attention on the dot in the darkness. Trataka is one of the basic exercises used to focus the mind and harness mental energy when practising yoga.

Drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach to help eliminate toxins that have accumulated during the night. Wash your eyes with lukewarm water.

Use a neti pot to rinse your nostrils with salt water produced using salt from the Himalayas.

Scrape your tongue clean and gargle with sesame oil.

Massage your scalp, forehead, temples, hands and feet with sesame oil or coconut oil (in summer) for a few minutes before taking a shower.

Engage in a physical activity such as swimming, walking or yoga.

Take your main meal of the day between 10am and 2pm because this is the time of day associated with Pitta elements which govern the digestive functions (Agni).

Before sunset, massage the soles of your feet with oil. Sesame oil is suitable because of its calming properties.