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Stay 6 to 9 nights and have 2 FREE

Discount on the room price. (no discount on breakfast or meals)
For a stay before le 20 mars 2016.

Stay 4 to 5 nights and have 1 FREE

Discount on the room price.  (no discount on breakfast or meals)
For a stay until 20 march 2016.

New : a week in the forest

all-inclusive with activities - yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, forest walks, nordic walking ...

Regenerating yourself by virtue of the forest

The forests of the Vosges du Nord provide the ideal environment for oxygenating your mind and body while enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings in peace and tranquility. The telluric currents of this secluded place are well-documented, giving rise to soothing vibrations.

In short, this is the ultimate location for achieving total relaxation. Taking a walk in the heart of the countryside helps to dissipate stress and recharge your energy levels.

A leisurely stroll along the forest paths of the Vosges du Nord does just that. Several studies into the subject have shown that the fresh air of the forest is rich in oxygen and essential oils, and therefore beneficial for our respiratory system and circulation.

Trees have medicinal and therapeutic properties which help reduce stress and improve psychological well-being.

"Here in the forest, we can learn how to be in harmony with nature, how to live happily and peacefully. We can contemplate the true nature of things." (Ajahn Chah, extract from the film The Mindful Way).

"To be firmly planted in the ground (roots), keeping an eye on the stars (leaves)".

"A land of mystery, at dawn it is cloaked in an intoxicating fog and passes through the seasons adorned with a palette of the deepest and brightest greens, russet browns in autumn and sprinklings of white frost in winter".