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Stay 3 nights and only pay 2 nights

Discount on the room price. (no discount on breakfast or meals)
For a stay before 15 December 2014.

Stay 7 nights and only pay 5 nights

Discount on the room price.  (no discount on breakfast or meals)
For a stay until the 15 December 2014.

Additional bed and breakfast for children under 12:

No charge


until 31st of August 2014 with Dr Ramkumar from Coimbatore, India Ayurvedic consultation, a tailored program based on nutritional advice, holistic treatments

'Technology detox'

In spite of all the technological innovations which are supposed to make our lives easier, people seem to be more dissatisfied, disconnected, distracted and frustrated. Information overload has never been so intense, leading to a new ailment: technology stress. Feelings of happiness, joy and accomplishment are either fleeting or totally elusive. 

La Clairiere is the perfect place for a 'technology detox'. To make the most of the opportunity to rest and relax, we encourage you to let go of your smart phones and tablets, breathe in the benefits of the forest and reconnect with your inner self. In keeping with this approach, WIFI is restricted to communal areas, helping to reduce reliance on technology and cutting down on general electromagnetic radiation levels.

We ask you to kindly switch off or set mobile phones to silent mode when spending time in the restaurant, Spa or any other communal areas.