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Wellbeing seminars for Corporate Guests

More and more businesses these days recognise that happier, healthier employees lead to more creativity, improved communication and greater levels of cooperation within a company. To this end, and as an excellent strategy for boosting employee morale, La Clairière offers a series of well-being seminars aimed at corporate guests. Ranging from 80m² to 200m² in size, our state-of-the-art conference rooms enjoy natural daylight and parquet floors.

La Clairière prides itself on its first-class Challenge Course. Set in the forest within the grounds of the hotel, the Challenge Course consists of a series of problem-solving activities where participants need to take mental and emotional risks while experimenting to find solutions to the problems posed. Removed from the working environment, the Challenge Course is an excellent team-building exercise, from the obstacles set at ground level to the dizzying heights of the climbing wall.

Well-being at work

La Clairière offers a series of creative seminars and workshops on the themes of Work-Life Balance and Corporate Wellness. The topics covered in these workshops engender positive thoughts and actions, which will translate into more relaxed, healthier employees and reduced levels of absenteeism, thereby improving productivity. Our contemporary lifestyles foster a growing number of negative factors affecting both individual and collective performance, e.g.
· travel by car " back pain; and heavy traffic " stress;
· sedentary office work " muscular asymmetry, heavy legs and circulation problems;
· excessive use of computers " eye strain;
· exponential growth of e-mail traffic " stress;
· consumption of stimulants " anxiety and mental overload;
· sleeping disorders " slow recovery and sleep apnoea;
· poor nutrition " obesity and other health problems; and
· tobacco consumption " health problems.

The Well-being at Work Programme at La Clairière provides the perfect antidote: a course combining well-being seminars with related activities and workshops
· Physical assessment of each participant by a coach, leading to fitness advice tailored for each individual, complete with follow-up session
· Recreational and educational sessions on the Challenge Course.
· Introduction to meditation, yoga and Gi Qong, to teach relaxation techniques
· Self-massage course
· Forest walks
· Workshops on Stress Management and Voicing Your Opinions
· Cookery classes: a course on healthy eating and more enjoyable mealtimes; using 100% organic ingredients.

At La Clairière, we do our utmost to fulfil your wishes. Our Well-being at Work Programme is the ideal way to encourage colleagues to discover and integrate improvements to their lifestyle both at home and at work, leaving them healthier, more relaxed, and more productive.

For more information or to organise a conference or seminar, please contact us on info(at)