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Special offers

Stay 6 to 9 nights and have 2 FREE

Discount on the room price. (no discount on breakfast or meals)
For a stay before le 20 mars 2016.

Stay 4 to 5 nights and have 1 FREE

Discount on the room price.  (no discount on breakfast or meals)
For a stay until 20 march 2016.

New : a week in the forest

all-inclusive with activities - yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, forest walks, nordic walking ...

Ecology and Energy

In keeping with the character of La Clairière, we make every effort to ensure that our actions are ecologically sound.

• All our food is prepared using organic ingredients, sourced from local producers where possible.

• Our drinking water is treated and energised using Grander Water Technology.

• WIFI is restricted to communal areas; guest rooms have wired Internet access.

• The entire resort has been re-designed on the basis of Vastu Shastra to enable positive energy to flow freely.

• Our mattresses are made of natural latex and organic wool.

• We organise nature walks to encourage you to explore the local environment.

• 100% of our electricity supply is from renewable energy sources. We have a wood-burning furnace which heats the building, and photovoltaic solar panels on the roof.

• We use environmentally friendly products for cleaning and repairs.

• We compact and recycle all packaging materials and we compost all biodegradable waste.