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Abundance Rebel - Yoga Retreat für Frauen mit Mira Jamadi - 22. bis 27. August


The media, our upbringing, our inherited thoughts and patterns about abundance often scare us into believing that being abundant and prosperous is not within our reach.
An Abundance Rebel chooses not to believe these messages about scarcity.
Instead, an Abundance Rebel chooses to accept the universal law that each and every human being has the right to live abundantly and that we all have the capability to live a prosperous life.
Summer is the optimal time of the year to celebrate life’s abundance. 
It’s important to reinforce our awareness of abundance and prosperity before the fall season when nature starts to move inward and lets go of the growth and abundance of the summer season.
During our Abundance Rebel retreat, we practice connecting to universal abundance and prosperity that is at our fingertips at all times.  We practice turning our attention away from exterior and interior messages that would have us believe in difficulty, lack, and limitation.
Our practice and meditation sessions are designed to release negative thoughts and patterns about money and then to reprogram ourselves to attract and enjoy abundance now and forever.


Arrival August 21st
Welcome 17h30
Daily Schedule
7h-Optional Morning Meditation
9h-12h Morning Practice
12h Lunch
12h-16h Free Time
16h-16h30 Evening Practice
19h Dinner
Departure August 27
8h30 Debriefing session and goodbye


Yoga only (exluding accomodation and meals) -385 Euros
Abundance Rebel Workbook-15 Euros
Practice sessions a la carte - 40 Euros
Full board in a classique single room including unlimited spa access - 195 euros per day
Full board in a confort double room including unlimited spa access  - 175 euros per day 

Mira’s Bio

Searching for a way to heal from a deep depression and debilitating panic attacks, I started a serious yoga and meditation practice.  After having tried several different styles of yoga without much success, I met Shiva Rea, the creator of Prana Flow Yoga.  From my first class with Shiva, I knew right away that a committed Prana Flow practice would be key to my healing.  I practiced with Shiva for seven years before moving to France two years ago.  As a certified teacher of Prana Flow Yoga, I lead classes that are challenging, but also balancing, bringing students into a direct experience of the transformative power of yoga.

Co-founder of Shakti Business, a online community for women, and founder of Spirit Rebel, a women’s guide to living in embodied spiritual alignment, I’m really excited to bring you the Abundance Rebel women’s yoga retreat.