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Spezial Angebote

Für ein Aufenthalt von 6 bis 9 Nächte : 2 Nächte Gratis*

*Reduzierung nur auf den Zimmerpreis (keine Reduzierung auf Frühstück oder Restaurant).
Gültig für ein Aufenthalt bis zum 20. März 2016.

Für ein Aufenthalt von 4 bis 5 Nächte : 1 Nacht Gratis*

*Reduzierung nur auf den Zimmerpreis (keine Reduzierung auf Frühstück oder Restaurant).
Gültig für ein Aufenthalt  bis  zum 20. März 2016.

Neu : eine Woche im Walk

All-inklusiv mit Aktivitäten wie Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Nordic Walk, Wanderungen ...

Yoga Weekend in the Forest

A special time to relax through yoga and gentle activities in nature for physical well-being and mental relief.

Arrival on Friday from 3 pm – Departure on Sunday noon
2 days 2 nights

This program includes :
• a welcome drink
• accommodation in a room with ‘Greensleep’ mattress, shower, with bathrobes provided.
• organic breakfasts
• 2 organic 3 course dinner (excluding beverages)
• access to the Spa looking out onto the forest with steam baths, saunas, whirlpool, outdoor heated hydrotherapy pool, and indoor swimming pool, fitness room.
• 1 meditation class or a conscious walking session in the forest (60 min.)
• 1 yoga nidra and pranayama session (relaxation, breathing, meditation) (60 min.)
• 2 hatha yoga classes (2 x 60 min.)
• 1 discussion evening

Description :
The practice of Yoga uses asanas or postures to release tension and make you more aware of your body. The asanas work best when practiced in conjunction with Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and meditation.
Pranayama is the art of controlling one’s breathing so as to relax, purify and re-energise oneself. Yoga Nidra is a deep form of meditation where the body relaxes completely, letting go of emotions and reaching a state of peace and tranquility. Meditation complements the series, helping us experience the present moment as fully as possible.
Conscious walking, or meditating in motion, is another way of getting in touch with one’s inner self. As you walk in the forest, let your thoughts drift to wherever your senses lead them. The idea is to maintain a high level of consciousness, both of yourself and your surroundings. This is done by paying special attention to your breathing, the action of walking, and your Hara or ‘vital energy core’. The goal is to transform your usual way of walking into a conscious act of meditation. Once you have learnt the technique, you can use it during your everyday life.

What should I take ?
Confortable clothing. Walking shoes. A waterproof outfit.

Teacher :
Deepak Yadav or Emilie
Deepak Yadav began his professional career in 1997 in Delhi India as a sports instructor in fitness centres of prestigious hotels. With special awareness of Hindu culture that man is a whole (body and mind), Deepak follows a training in yoga at the Academy of holistic sciences of New Delhi in January 2004. Convinced about this path, he will complete a one year training at the Dhanwantari ashram, Sivananda yoga school. He complemented this year of apprenticeship with a diploma in Ayurvedic treatments. In 2005 he taught yoga at the Sivananda Nataraja in Delhi and gave private classes to Western expatriates (Belgian, Spanish, Australian, French...).Deepak Yadav arrived in France in January 2006 to teach yoga in Strasbourg.

Yoga Week end in the forest

  2 Nights
Room Classique (14 to 17 m²) 339 Euro
Room Confort (22 to 28 m²) 375 Euro
Room Supérieure (32 to 38 m²) 429 Euro
Single supplement for the 2 nights +80 Euro
* Prices are per person.  
Tourist tax is 1.20 Euro per day and person